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What Turning 30 Taught Me

I didn’t know I would embrace and be so excited about turning 30. I think I got so consumed with always hearing people say, “Oh, you’re only in your 20s. You’re so young. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. ” Rarely did I hear, “Oh, you’re in your 30s; you’ve got aaample time.”  I got concerned with the idea that I would no longer have that advantage. It’s amazing how quickly you can have your eyes opened and enlightened. Many people call it their “A-ha moment”, epiphany or revelation. I just became so grateful to see my 30th and to be surrounded by the most sincere group of friends and family. I think it’s a fear that I need to overcome. The truth is, each year gets brighter with God. The road gets tough, but for those who belong to God our days get brighter and brighter. I’m comforted by that truth. I don’t have to constantly compare myself with the young 23 year-old or start a war on aging. Instead, I choose to embrace the beauty of change and see myself in the beautiful 23 yr-old I meet and lend her a hand up in this world.

So cheers to new beginnings, conquering fear daily, more faith and more fun than ever before! 

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At work w/ a great team 

My big bro and I share a bday. 3 years apart.

In Jersey City. After dining at Porta.

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