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What To Do When Opportunities Fall Through?

Hola Friends!

The title of this post accurately describes the current season I’m in. What do you do when doors of opportunity seem to be closing on you? You can just wallow in the moment and cry as I did two weeks ago or you can do what I did the following week and pull your self up from your bootstraps and go harder. Last week, I was passed on for an opportunity hosting a show I worked for. I was looking forward to the assignment and excited to continue my craft. Unfortunately, I found out the decision on social media, oh the joys of social media. My initial feelings were a combination of rejection and frustration. Not particularly geared towards the media company, but based on the process I’m enduring and the journey I am taking.

Then during my Bible study time, it dawned on me, what if I decided to look at this process and journey from a different set of lenses. Instead of looking at my journey as, “oh poor me, I’m a mom of 2, first generation American, and I decided to remain in the top market which makes it harder.” Instead, what if I decided to look at these perceived setbacks as a bonus and as an advantage. Something that sets me apart and makes me special. What if this journey and process is the very thing that is building my brand, my character and adding a grit to my life story and journey?

The feelings are real and raw. I am not discrediting those feelings at all. What I recognized is the toxicity of remaining in bitterness. It stifles creativity, the ability to forgive, the fortitude to remain tough in the midst of a seeming setback.

-I used my words to acknowledge my feelings of hurt and I released everything in prayer and to a trusted friend. My husband Kirk is my therapist, lol. He knew what he signed up for.

– I stepped away from social media. It’s so helpful in many ways, but in some moments can be such a distraction.

-I got in touch with nature and began walking and exercising to release those healthy endorphins.

-I began writing, signed up for a pop up market, created new product and created more video content. Exchange the disappointment energy. Let it fuel your passion.

-I visited a local co-working space to surround myself with fellow professionals. Eagle Rock Community, Montclair, NJ and –> GOAT Coffeehouse in Lyndhurst, NJ.

Let’s embrace the process because just like the principles of gardening (seed time and harvest), there’s a time for everything under the sun. I’m in need of patience, so that I will be complete, perfect and wanting nothing. James 1:4

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Here’s my workspace. I work from home most of the time. But going into the office or coffee shop helps me get focused or else I found myself stopping to clean on my way to the restroom instead of returning to my desk.

At the library with the kiddies. This is where we always come in the winter.  My baby boy is going to be 1 year old this month. This is such a big deal to us!

Channeling my inner Chung Li to fight off bad thoughts! Where my 80s early 90s kids?!

What are some ways you keep pushing forward when things go differently than you planned?

You are loved and destined for great things ahead.

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