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Welcoming Fall + Tough Times

I love the autumnal feel in the air and when the leaves begin to wither and make its way gracefully to the ground. It reminds me that when seasons change, one thing remains- God love. In every season, I rediscover a sense of wonder and opportunity to embrace change. I remember when I was younger I was listening to Fleetwood Mac- courtesy of my eclectic parent’s music taste. When Stevie Nicks, sings, 

“Well, I’ve been ‘fraid of changin’ ‘Cause I’ve built my life around you But time makes you bolder Even children get older And I’m gettin’ older, too”

I always used to wonder , “why is she afraid of changes?” Well, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve challenged myself to embrace change and recognize it’s apart of life. I had to reposition my mindset on what I choose to “build my life on”. The song says, “I’ve built my life around you. I’m choosing to build my life around things, my kids, husband, career, positions and other things we can’t take to heaven, sort of speak. Sounds crazy right?! 

This season also reminds me of the hard times I’ve overcome and how I can use them as a blueprint to beat future struggles I will face. 

For instance, when I went for my 20 week anatomy scan for my son, Luke. I was faced with a concern from the Maternal Medicine physician who saw me. She recognized that there was a drop of calcium near his heart also known an EIF. An echogenic intracardiac focus (or EIF) a small bright spot seen on a developing baby’s heart during an ultrasound which is generally harmless. (University of Colorado) Well at the time, it didn’t sound harmless. But the docs were doing there job and following due diligence and legal points.

Excited for hoodie season!

Thankfully, we chose not to proceed with the in-utero testing because we got a second opinion from another OB-GYN and my husband also understood the details that were presented to us. 

I’m human and I struggle with fear too. But this time, I was fearless. It was this strong sense of peace knowing that it was going to work out for my good. Also, knowledge is power, the fact that Kirk, understood the body (science nerd) really helped us stay in the peace/chill zone versus panic and fear.

I will create a video one day soon on how women in particular, and men- must become our own health advocates. I’m incredibly thankful for medicine and the strides being made. But it’s important to partner with your health professionals instead of letting them make all of the decisions. We need to research and pose questions and solutions that can ultimately save our lives.

I’m hyped about the rich fall colors and eventually scarves, warm coffee and pumpkin everything! The top is from Anthropologie but no longer available. I’ll see if I can find a similar one.

Can’t keep leopard away from this Jersey girl. CLICK HERE for the earrings I’m rocking from my shop.

My baby girl began Kindergarten. “I love school mommy! I never want to go back to the baby school.”

Luke is a flirt. He only blows kisses to women and randomly hugged to moms at the park. UH OH!

Whole outfit is Old Navy and sneakers H&M. When did H&M get so pricey?! 

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