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Weekend in Review: Summer Wrapup

Wow, I’m so amazed that I’m actually writing a ‘Farewell Summer’ post. This summer has been filled with precious memories to last a lifetime. It was my first summer with my precious baby Alyssa. I’ve been freelancing since I left my full time job and I couldn’t have been happier that Kirk and I chose to go that route. As much as I love being a career woman, nothing fulfills me more than being at home with Alyssa. I know the time will come for me to return full-time, but I’ve been appreciating and enjoying every moment we spend at the park, at Buy Buy Baby, Starbucks, visiting family and at the nursery at church. Everyone always mentions how this time flies by and to enjoy it. Could you imagine that we’ll be prepping for the holidays in 2 months?! Craze!

As a first time mommy, this summer of bonding with baby meant so much to me. I’m so grateful for it!

Here are a few latest pics: 

In NYC doing some freelance work in prep for Fashion Week.

Walks in Montclair with Baby Alyssa. She absolutely loves being outside. She gets so quiet I forget how whiny she gets a home. 

She’s such a happy girl and an answered prayer. This is one of our backyard eat outs. 

Late night cab rides from freelance work in the City. I love being in the City it just takes my creative levels to a serious high. Where do you love going to get your creativity brewing?

Alyssa in the nursery at church. I absolutely love seeing her interact with other babies. These baby girls are over 11 months and little Alyssa is only 7 months. She’s so tall that you can hardly tell the difference.

Oh the struggle *sigh. I was killing it though. The whole fitness thing post baby has definitely not been a walk in the park. It’s been a long process getting the weight off and I’m half way there. The good news is this is very normal for a large percentage of woman post-partum, particularly curvy woman.

What are you forever remembering this summer for? Also, Mom’s how is it getting back in shape post delivery?

Thanks for reading and have a favorable week!

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