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Unity in America & Canceling Out Racism: Accepting the Call

 Hi Friends!

Hope everyone has been finding courage and strength during these trying times. I’ve been doing a lot of praying, crying and finding reasons to be grateful over this nation during these dark times. I just know that I have to remind myself to find reasons to be grateful to be live in this land despite the racial divide that attempts to suffocate the very life force and vitality that upholds this nation, which is, freedom.

We have the gift to be a light in this darkness and use our most powerful gift- our words. The picture (below) of these little precious children serves as my inspiration to live out the words of Dr. King. That our children would unite with other white children and not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character (paraphrased). I really do have a dream. I have a dream that my daughter will embrace her overall beauty and not inadequately measure her worth based on the outer appearance of the girls in the media who predominantly don’t look like her. That she would know her worth comes from the richness of God’s love for her.

This confidence and boldness will start with me and at home. Whatever comes our way as parents I pray and I know that we have the strength to lead and guide our little ones. Also, that we avoid building any thoughts of prejudice (socioeconomically and racially) in our children. Children don’t see color and their little spirits are so pure. We have to preserve that innocence and steer them in the right direction so they won’t continue in generationally destructive mindsets.

Let it begin with us. Let’s accept the call! We were meant to be courageous!

My baby niece is growing so quickly. I love her! 4 months old

Trying to avert a tantrum 

My family! Backyard loving on a hot summer day.

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