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Speaker Panel & Career Navigating

Hi Friends! Hope everyone is having a productive week! I was invited to speak at a panel through FindSpark– an online community meant to help young professionals gain career success through networking and building relationships. I spoke on Social Online Presence and what hiring managers are looking for.  I’ve been getting a good amount of in-mail via LinkedIn. I thought I would type it out for you. Scroll down for tips.

Thanks Zara for the outfit! Zara Basics.

The next event I attended at the Interaction Design Conference. Outfit creds: Zara.

My home work office is 90% completed. I feel so focused and energetic to work in this workspace now that I’m not sharing a desk with my messy  husband.Creds: Home Goods, Ikea, Container Store & Home Depot.

I was so excited to see some orders come in through my blog readers. Everyone time I see an order come through and see the source lead it makes me smile because I have a special connection with you guys on each platform. Whether through Insta, Pop-Up event, Blogging or through word of mouth. SHOP MY BOUTIQUE

1. Combine your passion and action.

  1. Let your brand speak to a cause that is dear to you. Whether it is fitness, politics, faith, being a mom, foodie or fashion When you combine these passions with skills, it connects you to a broader target audience. Always add a call to action whether it includes signing a petition or signing up for a Meetup. We are the generation of social change!

2. Stay relevant and never leave gaps in your resume. 

  1. Whether you are in between jobs or working on a side project. Remain relevant and current by adding your side project to your resume. “Always be shipping.” This means you should always be producing. Add your work to your portfolio, include testimonials and never be afraid to work at discounted prices or free (for an amazing opp) as you build your portfolio. Create a media kit via to display your services and fees. Always add the “small, medium, large and extra large. The same way you buy your T-shirt”concept to your business model. This is the business model implemented by my CMO at Verizon, Diego Scotti. When introducing a plan create price accessibility to a wide range of potential customers.

3. Continue to perfect your craft.

  1. With the advent of Ted Talks, Podcasts, Adorama classes, Etsy and a plethora of training and learning organizations; you should constantly improve your skills. Take up a new tech skill and and add it to your LinkedIn profile.

4.  Be consistent & know your platform.

  1. Know your audience and stick to those free marketing platforms. If you are a visual person and you are great at adding beautiful aesthetically alluring images- Instagram is your platform. If you are an eloquent speaker, witty and love talking- Podcasts and YouTube is for you. If you are a wordsmith, great writer and your words alone demand the attention of readers- Twitter, Blogger and writing LinkedIn articles is for you. 

  2. Remain consistent with posting and never be afraid to promote yourself. This is something I am working on myself. I have a tendency to be overly concerned with how I come across. But, once you know your platform you will not be afraid to promote yourself because your audience will want more of that. 

For more always feel free to email me and I have more projects coming soon!

What are your career goals for Q2? 

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