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Polka Dots & Media Events

Hey Loves!

You know how every now and then comes a trend that you’re so into and then you go over the top with it & get into pattern overload? Well mine has definitely been Polka Dots as of late. I’ve noticed that I’ve been a Polka Dot freak so I’m stopping the madness right now or taming at least, lol.I got this adorable cardi for 14.99 at a store on Fordham Rd in the Bronx, NY so I had to rock it.

As you all may know I work in the media and do media work for a non-profit. So I was beyond elated when I learned about Christian Women in the Media taking NYC. They had an amazing event for media professionals and how to stay full of faith working in the sometimes hectic media industry.

It was great to combine both of my passions (faith & media stuff) with a group of outstandingly talented ladies.

What are two of your passions you love to combine or would LOVE to combine? Fashion and cooking? Organizing and interior design? Fitness and volunteering? I want to hear yours!

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