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Hey Loves!

Good morning and great day to you. I’m sore today but feeling pretty good. I’m on phase 2 of Insanity and I’m more focused now. I’ve been cheating terribly on the diet portion of it hence why you can’t see my washboard abs piercing through my shirt.

Though this isn’t recommended on Insanity, I’m cutting out simple carbs like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes (except sweet potatoes) and desserts for a couple of weeks to give myself a boost. Then I’ll revert to whole wheat carbs in moderation. I don’t believe in cutting out complex carbs (the good carbs that produce glycogen) out of my diet because they’re huge sources of energy that you’re body desperately needs to give 100% in an extreme program like Insanity.

I love switching things up in my fitness regimen and I really thrive on group workouts. Insanity is great but I really like working out in groups for motivation and the challenge. So I signed up for one session for the latest phenomenon known as NYC Cross Fit also in Chicago. Looking forward to that!

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