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My Birth Story: Luke Nicholas Tomlinson!

Welcoming Luke Nicholas Tomlinson born March 9th weighing 8lbs 9oz!

We are so excited to have Luke join our family. Alyssa is overjoyed to have a baby brother. This delivery was completely better than my first with Alyssa. We had a beautiful non-eventful, planned c-section delivery. Thankfully, I healed relatively quickly and I had some of the best doctors and midwives guide me through it all. The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ has some of the finest medical teams around! They’re just so knowledgeable, caring and on-point.

My first delivery was with a different doctor and hospital. I ended up having an emergency c-section with my daughter because, though I was progressing through every stage of delivery and fully dilated 10 cm, pushed for 2 hours, contractions and all. Her head was hyperextended as opposed to tucked in chin to chest. I was told by the midwives who saw me through my last pregnancy with Luke that a hyperextended head can possibly by corrected with a trained medical profession in utero. After my 1st emergency c-section with Alyssa, I was very thankful that we were both safe and healthy after delivery. However, I was upset that my medical team didn’t thoroughly understand why my delivery wasn’t progressing. One of the many reasons why the c-section rate is shooting up in the US. Nevertheless, I’m so thankful for this procedure because it saves countless lives. If more women in 3rd world countries had access to this medical phenomenon; mortality rates would be significantly less.

I decided to get an elective c-section to ensure everything was safe this time around and that I wouldn’t gamble with a potential second emergency c-section. The best decision I chose to make. I recognized that I didn’t have to give into a forced pressure of perfection in my head from myself. What was there to prove to myself? That I was more woman, strong, or just to have the experience of pushing? That’s silly!

They placed the IV drip in my arm. Then came the painful epidural. I was numb from waist down. My anesthesiologist, very serious guy but with impeccable bedside manner remained close and asked me what I wanted to listen to, I requested Hall & Oates. They made the incision and tried to pull Luke out. It was harder than they thought, after some intense tugs and pulls- I heard the sweetest sound. It was the voice of heaven kissing earth. The tender sound of an infant crying for the first time. They bent the curtain and I looked at the grey, dewy baby flailing his arms in the air crying. I got to hug him instantly and kiss his face. They whisked him away to make sure everything was performing well.

Kirk was brave enough to look over the curtain because of his fascination with the human body. Something most doctors warn husbands not to do because they tend to pass out.

I was monitored closely and placed on meds to monitor me for any infections. Baby was doing great and stayed in the nursery overnight so we could rest. Meanwhile, Alyssa was with my family begging to come to the hospital. We decided to have her come visit when we were being discharged (Easter Sunday)  since her little spirit would be crushed if she left without us and her latest muse, Lukey. I began walking around the hospital, standing, using the toilet on my own and everything. Kirk cared for me the whole time. I’m so thankful for him!

Whatever your story happens to be embrace your journey, accept and reach out for help. The ultimate goal is a healthy baby and a healthy mother. I’m so thankful for God’s hand over my life and from keeping me from falling, angel protection, providing our needs, my village (friends, cousins and brothers) always caring for Alyssa, the notes, gifts, visits and just all the love!

Next week, I’ll be sharing recovery, post partum blues, breastfeeding, wellness and getting back to work/passion projects.

Sending you love and hugs!

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