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January in Review: Developing Good Habits & Alyssa’s Bday

Hey Blog Fam!  I hope your 2019 has been off to a solid start. I’ve been focusing on fasting from bad habits this January. My church had a fast during the month of January. It helped me set a foundation for eliminating bad habits I developed during the holidays. Whom am I fooling, I think these were unhealthy habits starting after giving birth to my son, Luke in March of last year. 

I cut out desserts, meat, bread and eating after 7pm. I made up my own version of the fast. I tend to adjust things to fit my lifestyle and at the same time challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. Experts say it takes 21 days to break bad habits and also to develop healthier habits. I found myself binging on sweets and possibly a coping mechanism for dealing with caring for my ailing father, death of my closest aunt, building my career post baby and the challenges of being a new mom of two.  I’ve seen a huge change in my mood and immune system. My whole house is fighting a cold and I’m doing fine, thankfully. 

My next challenge which was suggested by my baby girl, Alyssa, who is now 5, (ahhh!!) is the Energy Boosting/Focus challenge. I’m challenging myself in the month of February to cut back on screen time and go to bed earlier. I usually go to bed at midnight. My kids usually hit the sacks at 8-8:30pm. I usually use that time to clean up, do little chores and send out emails and work. To be honest, I’m mostly on social media. Sooo, my challenge is to be in bed at 11pm. I want to use those 2 hours before bedtime to be more productive during the week. 

9-10:30 get work done

10:30 – 11pm , prep time: settle my brain for bed

Who wants to join me?! Details below!

Rocking my natural hair!

What are your tips for avoiding Netflix binging or too much screen time? I think a schedule Netflix movie on a Friday or weekend is cool. You can use your phone to report your screen time and on apps like Instagram can share those details. 

Alyssa, Aria (Sweet Niece)and Luke

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