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Insanity Fitness

Hey Loves! Happy Thoughtful Thursday we made it over the Wednesday hump. It’s such a sunny and gorgeous day in NJ after all the gloom and rainy weather. Today my friend Monica and I will be doing Insanity fitness in the park. We plan on using benches and park steps as our personal gym. I passed my 2nd fit test of Insanity Fitness and I’m so pumped to complete the program and do it all over again.I learned to just keep on going no matter what the scale, measuring tape, BMI indicator reads. Besides my trainer (Shaun T.) says we shouldn’t be checking in that often anyway since fat is exchanged for lean muscle which might come across as weight gain. If you do everything suggested (follow your heart rate monitor, no fast food, portion control, exercise minimum 4xs a week) you will totally get results. We lose weight to be the best/healthiest person we can be and ofcourse to look good!

I’ll be checking in again soon! Thanks so much for following me on my journey. What are some ways you’re losing weight? Share some tips to help each other out. Your comments make me smile!

xoxo Rach

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