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Highlights of the Week

Hey Wonderful People!! I’m so grateful today is Friday.It’s been a long week and I’m thankful for all that I’ve learned and the wonderful people God has surrounded me with to help me fulfill His ultimate plan for my life. Here are some of the things and people who made me smile this week:

1. I’ve waited patiently for this camera and I’m so happy it arrived this week. It’s the T3i Canon Rebel and it’s an instrumental career tool for me. Wohoo!

2. The lovely flower bush in front of my home that reminds me of how things blossom so beautifully at it’s appointed time. It was once a dull & boring bush.

3.This little jewelry organizer on my vanity from Pottery Barn. I’m so into mirrored and glass furniture these days. It’s an elegantly touch to our room (things you do when sharing a room with a boy- my hubby)

4. The smile on my Mom’s face when I can help her with bills since she got laid off. I’m so beyond grateful I can be a blessing to her.

5. Coming home and reading all of your kind, thoughtful and encouraging notes. I so appreciate it! Can’t wait for my very first giveaway later this month.

What was one thing this week that stood out the most to you and put a smile on your face? I love the little things…

Have a super sweet and safe weekend.

I have an audition tomorrow morning..yay!!

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