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Game Day Style-

We’re about a week away from summer and we all know the fun outdoor events that includes. I’ve made it a tradition to go to Yankee and Mets games with my brothers. I love to throw on light, easy and fun pieces as my game day attire.

I’m a huge Yankee fans since I laid my eyes on the 4 most legendary sports quartets that ever walked the field- admirably known as the Core Four. Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Petite and Mariano Rivera molded my childhood. Therefore I rock my pin stripes with pride. My brother is the most passionate Bronx Bomber allegiant I’ve ever met and sheds a tear talking about those Core Four days- but don’t let him know I shared that.

Back to game day style, needless to day, I wait in eager anticipation for Yankee and Mets baseball. Fanatics has a super cool collection of baseball caps to get you ready for Game Day. I love their wide selection and different styles of your favorite team. Visit their site for an array of different stlkes and teams. 

I added a flannel shirt to the collage to tie around your waist and eventually wear when the temp drops. Plus, I hardly leave home sans my drink tumbler, staying hydrated! 

Enjoy the summer friends! 

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