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Friday Flashback: NY Fashion Week

It’s never too late to check in with an old friend right? That’s why I’m writing you! Happy Friday to you! I’ve been soaking in these last few days of being alone with my hubs until babygirl arrives in less than 3 months *gasps!

It’s been really the best couple of months of the pregnancy. I’ve been getting to know her more through kicks, turns and punches. She actually responds and settles down when I rub my belly it’s just a beautiful bonding experience. 

I had the chance to stop by and hangout with all the fabulous people at Lincoln Center where Fashion Week was being hosted. The Shane and Falguni Peacock show took us on a whimsical ride with all the elaborately bold fashion forward pieces. Plus, they allowed me backstage to get in on all the action! Some of the perks of having a belly bump- people give you special treatment. 😉

Style Network’s Jeannie Mai

The Style Network Lounge

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