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Essence + Chevrolet + Essence Street Stye + Truly Rachel

I had the honor of being a sponsored business owner/artist by Chevrolet and featured in Essence magazine. This has been such a mind-blowing experience. I’ve met some amazing people within a 2- months span while working on this project. I’ve met fellow passion pursuers, customers and professionals who have poured so much encouragement and confidence into my heart. I remember right before I was contacted by Essence magazine producers, I was wondering how will I get the exposure and boost I need in this business. I was wondering and questioning myself. Then God has an amazing way of reminding us to be still and know that He is great and in control of our lives. Literally nothing’s to big or impossible to those who dare to believe.

This opportunity has stirred up a great fire to go the extra mile with confidence in everything God has placed on my heart. This has reminded me that this journey is not only for me but to inspire someone else and encourage a young girl or boy that it’s possible to pursue your passion and be a business owner. I’m so thankful for everyone who believed in me at Essence and Chevy. I’m excited about the outreach and the opportunity to give back to communities through this partnership!

My little ones! Alyssa & Jaxon- 2 years old. I love being Alyssa’s mommy! 

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