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Back from Vacay!

It feels so great to be back home from our mini vacay to Miami Beach. We had such a peaceful and relaxing time. It was over a year since we’ve been on vacation so I was ready to ditch my Ugg boots for flip flops. How I love flip flop season! Between working so hard, plus finishing grad school to moving into our house in October, we just really needed to take it slow or else the body goes into shutdown mode.

We stayed at the Miami Viceroy Hotel and it is one of the top hotels I’ve ever been too by far. The staff offers top quality services as well. Some of our fav restaurants while there were Capital Grille, Balans & Cafe Bastille.

 I decided to be daring and went Trampeze Flying and I was pretty scared at first walking up that 20 feet ladder. But once I started swinging, there was no stopping me. My next adventure will be water sports once I master swimming and get more cozy?

So what is your dream/next vacation destination? Do you plan on getting adventurous on it or just to bum it out and relax?

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