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5 Things That Make Me Smile

  Hey Friends!

We made it through the week wohoo! I’m so happyy it’s Friday. It’s been a long week and the work load has been significantly extra. I noticed (and my hubs) that I’ve been on the cranky side lately. I think because of the humidity from the heat wave and being a bit hormonal. But it’s always refreshing to catch up with you gals at the end of the day. Surrounding yourself with positive people really makes a heck of a difference. What better opportunity to focus on the good stuff when feeling groggy!

So here are my favs of the week:

1. Surprise tickets from our dearest family members to see a Broadway show. We saw Porgy & Bess and it was absolutely stellar. We had a blast. 

*Side bar: I need a photog- I think Kirk’s patience with all these pics is running thin. =( *

2. I heard about this book and project from a fellow blogger. I started browsing online and was happy to hear that everyone is intrigued by finding happiness in the little things. I plan on reading it some more and eventually buying it.

3. Reading grammar books to brush on my writing skills. 

4. My darling friends. I’m so grateful for them. They challenge me to be better and bring so much joy to my life. Plus my lovely friend Lola (not pictured above)

5. My Edge Control creme has been saving my look during this heat wave. My edges have been curling up as soon as I step out the house. I highly recommend this for under $8!!

I really wish you wonderful people an outstanding weekend. 


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