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5 Things I Learned on Vacay

5 Things I Learned While Away

This was our 1st vacay away from our 18 month-old and I thought it was virtually impossible for us to be apart. Alyssa whines in her sleep and wakes up at 5am for a diaper change and a cup of milk. I wasn’t sure who would have the energy and patience to endure that grueling routine. I mean she’s amazing, but let’s face it- sleep is everyone’s holy grail. We all prize and cherish our sleep.

After I left her with my mother and adorable teen cousin, we were getting rave stories about how she sleeps through the night. Whaaat? You mean this little mastermind has been tricking us this whole time? Well that was the first thought that came to mind until I read how babies/toddlers change things up while parents are away. That can apply for the good or the bad; but in this case it is def for the good.

Back to the top 5 things I’ve learned while away for 5 days. 

1. Unwind and fall in love all over again.

Couples and especially parents – we must do everything in our power to have a solo getaway. Even if it’s for a weekend or overnight. We need to contend with the hundreds of understandable reasons as to why it can’t be done. We were able to reconnect and bond after a 2 yr vacay hiatus. 

2. Cut the umbilical cord….again.

It’s ok to be away from the baby. I know this might not apply to the nursing mamas. Although, I’ve learned that when apart from us , my daughter is in the greatest hands in the universe and those are the hands of God. Once I settled on the most loving and patient people to surround Alyssa with (though many), I was inundated with the sweetest vids via Snapchat to remind me that baby girl is straight and super happy.

3. Diversify your life! 

I need to make it a mission to explore as much as possible. Being in Puerto Rico reminded me of the richness of different cultures. Growing up in the amazingly culturally diverse city of Jersey City, NJ, I was always surrounded by Polish, Italians, Filipinos, Hispanics, Black Carribeans, Africans: Egyptians & West Africans. Being exposed to these different cultures has shaped my personality and life perspective. I want to keep growing and expose Alyssa to the same.

4. Check ya vernacula’ ! 

Don’t be nervous to speak different languages even if it’s not the best. That’s how we sharpen our vocab. The Boricuas were so appreciative that I attempted to speak Spanish and they were vibing with me so well. I told them I was Haitian so I have a good head start on the language. 

5. Flawless! 

You probably didn’t wake up like this- flawless. But nonetheless, love your body. This was my first vacay post baby body. All the amazing food I ate didn’t help the cause but I was pretty confident and comfy in my swimsuit which was not the case last summer after having Alyssa. Flaunt it. Own it. Love yourself! Note to self: Do drop the 2nd cupcake. The struggle ensues. 

Old San Juan 

Hilton Caribe Resort 

El Yunke 

Papillion, San Juan 

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

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