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33rd Birthday! Prelude to The Simple Life

I’m taking a moment 7 months after delivering my baby boy, Luke to write here. I came on this blog recently and found a throwback post when I was recently married with those inexcusable skinny eyebrows (Thanks, Anastasia). I was all in my feelings to glide through memory lane (9 years with this blog) to see myself in my twenties and before being a mom. It made me cherish this little digital space and encouraged me to open my heart even more. The digital, let alone our society measures connections and positive interactions based on campaigns. the number of likes, followers, reach and engagement stats. This is the one space, I actually don’t really look into numbers. It mostly serves as a platform for me to look back and see how far I have come, share hope, nice pics, express my faith in God and fun things we’re up to. 

As I enter my 33rd year of life, I want it to be more about the simple things I tend to overlook, going back to simpler days before social media (gosh, I sound like an old head) and enjoying every moment of life in the spirit of thankfulness and enjoying the journey. I’m expressing gratitude overload through out the day. Please join me!

Thank you for reading and for the support!

I get to work from home most days and this is how I usually spend my days. Baby on my waist and correcting a sassy 4 year old. The facial expression tells all.

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