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Work + Coffee + Stress Relief

Hello Friends! I really hope you have been doing well and welcoming spring and summer like weather with open arms. I have been on a wellness journey from the inside out. I’ve been in a “loading or downloading”season for a moment now. Loading my greatness and breaking from things and learning how to deal with difficult people. I think I will forever be in “loading mode” and I’ll be complete when I leave this earth. To be completely honest and real, a lot of those negative things and experiences I brought on myself. I had to confront myself and the urge to be a people pleaser, “Yes” girl, approval seeking, money spending, lack of self-control, bread and dessert junkie, super late night sleeping person. I started piece by piece to break away from those bad habits with the help of my close friends, family, Dr. Caroline Leaf’s program/guidance, Ramsey crew (finances), health and God’s grace. I slip sometimes but I’m glad to see how far I’ve come. I’ll be sharing my journey on some of these areas with you soon! 

I wanted to share this beautiful space that’s been my co-working space and mental clarity corner in the town over from me. It’s called Eagle Rock Coffee in Montclair, NJ. I just love being in open, bright white and airy spaces to get creative. I have taken on two clients for my digital media biz and have two more pop up markets for this month. Glad this space can help set me a focused and creatively inspirational pace.

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