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Welcoming Summer/Postpartum Depression

Happy summer! 

I’ve been soaking up every single moment of sunshine. In the Tri-state area (NJ) we’re reeling from a grueling winter so every bit of sunshine warm breeze, aroma of BBQ grilling, toes out in flip flops count. 

After giving birth to my Alyssa in January I was fighting the baby blues being locked up in the house for 2 months waiting for the winter storms to pass. It was hard and I had to really make my way happy and find ways to enjoy myself while working on 4hrs of sleep. Anyone who knows me knows I adore the great outdoors so it was one of the greatest tests to stay indoors and make time to workout and enjoy myself. 

I know postpartum depression is a real struggle and nothing to take lightly. I did have moments when I would cry or feel so unattractive ( I gained over 50lbs, I was a greedy pregster). Now I’m even more considerate of moms after birth and I try to find ways to make them feel loved and special. I mean they did just give life. By God’s grace I didn’t suffer from PPD, but I could see how I could’ve easily gotten there if it weren’t for all the loving people God sent my way. 

Send a little note and make a mommy feel appreciated and loved!

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