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Welcoming Baby Alyssa Marie Tomlinson

I’m tremendously grateful to introduce my little perfect and good gift from above. Alyssa Tomlinson was born January 16th, 2014 at 11:57 a.m. weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz, 21 inches (sounds like a boxing match intro right, ha! k, back to the story…). It was an overwhelmingly emotional experience full of tears, laughs and oh yes screams but I’m so satisfied and proud with the overall outcome- very healthy mom and very healthy baby. 

What I’ve been reminded during this whole experience is to remove boundariees and limitations to what I’m expecting and the dreams I want to come to pass. Though I didn’t want to be induced or be a week and 2 days overdue (despite all my walking and exercising), but God’s plans are always higher and more glorious once I finally accepted it and quit resisting. In the end, I noticed God’s love and protection like never before!  The road to the finished line was not orchestrated the way I envisioned but I’m glad I ran through the Finish Line ribbon with a wonderful end result.

Kirk watching TV while I was being induced. 

First time I laid eyes on her and heard her cry it was the most out of this world experience. I was truly touched by her love. 

My little bunny – Alyssa Marie Tomlinson

Just bragging on my hubs for a moment- he was superhubs/dad during delivery and during recovery. I’m beyond fortunate! Note his ‘Castaway’ beard means homie was working!

4 weeks Post partum- My belly band is doing the dam thang! Here’s the link: Gabrialla-Breathable-Elastic-Abdominal-Binder

Spending time with Titi Monica!

Our little fotoshoot moments before the full on meltdown took place. I’m learning that she prefers the path of least resistance. Very low maintenance- there goes my plans of dressing her up like the Easter bunny. *sigh

Running on 3 hrs of sleep- no makeup and head bonnet still on at 2 in the afternoon. Oh the joys of motherhood!

 Thanks for stopping by, showing love and reading!

With love, Rach

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