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Weekend Fun!

Life is a sum total of who you decide to spend it with. Isn’t it so true that you can go somewhere completely boring (not this wedding btw) and have a blast because of the people who accompanied you? That’s how I feel about my friends. I attended a lovely couples beautiful wedding yesterday and enjoyed being there to support them. It was so humid and hot out that we stayed in the shaded area in the garden to remain cool. I just love interracial couples, the diversity at the event is one of the things I love the most.

Have an OUTstanding weekend filled with love and fun surrounded by awesome people you love the most.

My dress is from TJ Maxx, Shoes: Loubis, Clutch: Nine West & Necklace from TJ Maxx. My friend Shabad is wearing a dress from Target & a Cardi from TJ Maxx.

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