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VOX Media Event & ASOS

I attended a super enriching media event at Vox Media this week. I left more focused and passionate about completing creative projects. This event was hosted by the Center of Communications in conjunction with NYU. 

Jonathan Hunt and Lockhart Steele opened up about their journey in media and an insider take on the functions behind the scenes at Vox Media. 

Here are some of the amazing points covered:

  1. Don’t sacrifice editorial over product. They work in harmony.

  2. Be specific and be passionate about your brand.

  3. Visual storytelling is setting the new bar.

  4. Vox invests in great creators. Don’t be afraid to build your own brand. Love what you do and if you’re good at it, it’ll pay off.

  5. Don’t wait on the opportunity to do what you’re passionate about. Step out and be a creative contributor.

Photo Cred: Center for Communications

Photo Cred: Center for Communications

While leaving the event, the Arch was looking rather lovely. is on fire! It never disappoints me. The sizes hugged my curves perfectly! 

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