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Things to Remember

Today I went to my usual hair salon and my stylist wasn’t there I usually get my extensions straightened for free. When I asked the new lady to do so she stated that there’s a surcharge for that. I shared that I usually get it for free, she waited and pondered then did me the favor. She came back in and shared that the reason they do it for free is because I treat everyone there so nicely and they charge everyone else.

That made me think about all the times I chose to be lovely to them when something went wrong (burnt hair). That was a friendly reminder that people are precious and the way I treat them is what counts at the end of the day and that’s the lasting memory. Not the way you look or anything else. Good things come when you do good to others.

Sweetdreams lovelies and I wish you had a lovely Monday.


Oh ladies, I’m wearing a romper from conway for $11, boat shoes from Marshalls, necklace from Franchescas’s Closet.

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