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Things I’m Working On

Hey Lovely Blog Friends!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a successful week. I’m always looking into of ways I can improve and be a better me. I’ve learned to take it one day at a time and not to take it so hard on myself. We are human and at times we miss the mark and are a work in progress. It’s always good to share your goals with supportive people so I thought I would share my personal goals with you.

1. Discipline: I don’t want to always be the ‘spur of the moment kind of girl’. One minute I’m on fire for something and then it dies down. I’m practicing discipline and self-control. But all these cupcakes are so tempting- but I can do it!

2. Banning Negativity: I think comparison is the biggest form of encouraging low-self esteem to me. I have to constantly be on alert to avoid comparing myself to other people. When you compare you belittle the blessings in your life.

3. Fashion is fun! I’m learning to have more fun with fashion with bright colors and fun accessories. Fashion is not as serious as some of my fav reality shows on Bravo TV make it appear to be. =)

4. As hard as walking pass J. Crew & Zara might be- I’m sacrificing now for particular long term goals. I’m learning how to save more and spend less on items I don’t need. I’m learning how to swap words like ‘need’ for ‘want’.

5. I grew up with boys and they always made fun of me for being girly. Now, I absolutely love being feminine and I don’t mind embracing my girly side at all.

6. Practice! Practice! Being on-air is a natural gift but it takes practice to be great. This summer I’m working on an on-air project and now that I have a professional camera of my own I’ll be disciplining myself to practice. #Excellence

Thank you all for reading. Any of these sound familiar? What are some of the personal goals you’re working on?

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