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The Wedding Celebration!

It amazes me how much money, time, energy and planning goes into an eight hour or so event. Then-boom, it all abruptly stops. I’m left feeling hung over and I don’t even drink, sore and indulging in Chai Tea hoping my voice will regain its normal pitch. It was all worth it, every single sweat and energy!

My brother got married Sunday and it was such a fun and beautiful event. I put in a huge amount of work with assistance in planning the event and supporting my brother and his wife. The priest at the ceremony made a good point, real married life begins after they return from the honeymoon. So I pray for a loving union between my loved ones and that they learn how to be selfless and love each other patiently and passionately.

Marriage is a beautiful covenant and I’m glad that we’re in this together. Love you bro!

My hubs & I @ Starbucks after a super long day.

My oldest brother & closest friend

First Dance: Kenny Latimore-For You

My feet couldn’t take it anymore. My does of soothing: Chai Tea & My Chucks

My beautiful Daniela! So dependable & consistent

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