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Hey Loves!

Hope all of you are doing super well!

It’s literally like 9 degrees and the high is supposed to be 15 degrees!! Yikes!! This is our first draft of frigid cold temps up here in NJ/NY for awhile now so everyone is bundled up and braving the cold. I’ve been working out consistently again and eating healthier options. To my advantage a Trader Joes opened in my area so I’m so excited about that. Plus, I’ve been taking Raspberry Ketones to help digest meals easier (go to the ‘throne’ after almost every meal)

I’m a huge cupcake/pancake fan so I do treat myself every other weekend, that just works for me. I like the moderation approach. 😉 Hubs and I went to Toast restaurant for Sunday brunch in Upper Montclair and I read on Yelp that they make the bomb Red Velvet pancakes, so yours truly had to test their accuracy.

Do I have anybody who has a sweet tooth? How do you stay fit and still enjoy your fab treats once in awhile? Advice is welcome!


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