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Sunday Funday!

Hi Lovelies! Hope your weekend was memorable. Sunday was the highlight of my weekend. Lots of smiles, laughs and great convo with great folks. Now I’m home relaxing with my awesome husband as he plays the bass guitar to Hillsongs United music.

Sundays in New York City mainly consist of brunch with friends, visiting waterfronts/parks and you’ll frequently find runners jogging the streets soaking in the beautiful weather. Today we all met up at B Bar & Grill in the east village to celebrate my friends b-day she turned 26 then went out with the family for ice cream! Anything exciting and interesting happened this weekend with you lovelies?

The Birthday Girl on the right…*sweet gal pals*

NY Neighborhood Gem

Let the good times roll  =)

Outdoor Villa

Converse & Dresses

Our lovely waitress in the corner

Sweet people in Jersey City

Grove street delights

My old necka the-woods..

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