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Summer Entertaining

Hey Beauties!

Summer is in just a couple of weeks and I know everyone has already dived into BBQ’ing and backyard festivities. All my friends and family know I love entertaining and bringing people together to share great stories, fun and bonding.

So here are my top 6 tips for a great summer bash!

1. Plan ahead: Make a list of items you will need to cater to your guests. This includes determining how many people you would like to invite. It’s always a great idea to overstock on beverages, ice, and napkins, eating utensils, appetizers and bug repellent.

2. Light Menu: Depending on your guest list it’s always a good idea to fine tune your menu based on your guests- fresh ingredients, salads, water pitchers with lemon/orange/cucumbers are ideal. Plus, they’re much cooler and quicker to prep in the heat.

3. Cool & Colorful Dinnerware: You might want to consider investing in some hardy dinnerware that will last you for summers to come from Pier 1 & Target. If you prefer disposables wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club has some sturdy and nice designs to offer.

4. Attire: Unless you’re hosting a formal event or wedding related party your guests might opt to feel easy, breezy and chic over fussy & over dressed. Remind your guests to keep it casual and fun especially if you have more grass than proper walking areas in your entertainment space. Heels and grass is not a great combo. =)

5. Lighting: When the sun goes down more than likely the party is still going down! So you want proper lighting to keep the festivities brewing. Take a walk around your space at night and chose areas you would like to illuminate. Lowes, Home Depot, Pier 1 sells great lanterns, torches, candles to stick in grass, set on the table and to hang as well.

6. Have fun with your guests! With all the planning and running around you might find yourself worn out and with little time  to spend with your wonderful guests. Take away some time to play cards, a round or 2 of Taboo (my fav!) or dance to a couple of your favorite songs. Make memories and snap tons of pics.


I hope this helps you in some way or form. Is anyone planning a summer outdoor event? I would love to hear your details below!

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