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New Opportunities!

Happy Friday Amigas!!

So I received a call from the mayor of our town and he asked that I fill a seat on the town’s council board as a Commissioner. At first I was taken aback and wondered what does a commissioner actually do? Secondly, I didn’t want to be a ‘politician’ and negatives associated with it.

 Then I was told that it is an opportunity to make a change in our local community and change lives by offering support and passing programs that will benefit the constituents. I’m definitely a people’s person so I responded with a resounding, “Yes!” I grew up volunteering and doing community work so I thought this was right up my alley.

Getting sworn in (my hubs to my left)

My acceptance speech

Signing the documents

To read the full story CLICK HERE

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and be in great expectation of great things coming your way. xoxo

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