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Minor Changes

Today was off to a great start until my cramps kicked in and got sent home from work. Now I’m resting in bed and feel much better. I decided to be a fitness maniac and do Insanity late last night before bedtime- not the best idea for me. My husband is the sweetest he was so kind and accommodating to me so that helped.

Before I needed to take a nap

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of water sports and my hair has been pretty damaged and crying out for some TLC. So I restocked on my Morrocan Oil products (kinda expensive) and my coiffeur chopped a good amount of my hair off so it can grow back nicely. So long to over processing my hair with relaxers, hair coloring and chlorine- a recipe for disaster. What’s you’re favorite hair secrets?! All hair texture secrets are welcome!


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