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Keep Positive & Carry On

Hey Friends! Today my friend Monica and I were encouraging each other to remain positive. It’s easy to allow negative thoughts to take control of your mind. After we finished venting to each other about how we didn’t want to be bothered by anyone we chose to remain positive by speaking faith words throughout our cranky moments. Then slowly but surely I started feeling better. Words are really powerful!

Then we went to TJ Maxx that place sure knows how to put a smile on a girl’s face.

I really hope you ladies had a glorious day and if you had a “don’t-mess-with-me” kind of day, hope that things brightened up for you. Choose happiness! Xoxo

Barami Top/H&M Necklace/J. Crew Trousers

I sewed new fabric to my throw pillows. Only $6 from Walmart!

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