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J Crew Sample Sale

Hey Friends! So I was brave enough to stop by the popular J. Crew Sample Sale in the midst of a NYC scorcher. The Gambian bouncer at the door said that it’s considered winter weather in his native country. Yes- we tend to overact when it comes to the heat. As soon as you enter, you have to hand over your purse (anti-theft precautions) I grabbed my wallet and phone and dived right in.

My pros/cons and store info is listed below.

Happy Shoppers

The line wrapped around the corner as I exited around 6pm.

The shoes are not a huge discount. 

The back of the store where the buckets with accessories and swim wear are located.

The items I nabbed.

$25 pans marked down from original $85

These ladies are focused and on a mission.

The line to the dressing room


-An abundance of Sleeveless Tweed Dresses for $70

-Tons of Tees & Cardis for $15-$30

-Gorgeous baubles in the jewelry section $40-$80

-Good amount of shorts for $25

-Accepts major credit cards


– Very limited amount of pencil skirts (my fav)

-Select sizes- It’s either a size 2 or a size 12/14

-The dressing room is co-gendered and doesn’t offer individual stalls. Be sure to leave the granny undies at home because everyone can see you. =)

-Very cramped aisles and hard to get through


-Madewell items are in the middle

-Jewelry are stowed away in transparent jewelry boxes. An associate will assist you and send it to your register when you’re ready to checkout

Overall it was a decent experience it wasn’t a mega-deal-tell-all-your-friends affair but worth the wait at least for me. 

June 19-June 24 

260 Fifth Avenue (29th and 5th)

New York, NY 10001


Have a lovely Thursday and be in great expectation of greatness!

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