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Hurricane Sandy Relief & Election Day

First off, Congrats to our President on Re-Election and regardless of our views let’s pray for the peace of our president Barack Obama and his family. I love America and she will rise and get stronger as we stand up for righteousness. It’s righteousness that exalts a nation. 

After the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left along the Northeast, our area is still putting back the pieces of what was left after the storm. Though you might not see as much media coverage, families are still scrambling to find housing, fresh water, electricity and shelter plus extra precautionary measures are being advised due to the pending nor’easter that is threatening our region. I think it’s times like this when we form relationships and strengthen the bonds of existing relationships throughout our nation.

I want us not to forget each other during these great times of need. Find a great non-profit organization and volunteer and donate now. I have worked with Samaritan’s Purse on missions trips and plan on going on one within a month. I highly recommend this organization as you can rest assure that their efforts and presence are seen in the local communities making an indelible imprint on the lives of our communities. Not only do they provide support in terms of material resources they also provide prayer and spiritual advisement in troubling times when depression is eminent in the midst of tragedy.

Take action and get involved today!

This image and link is for my local church and will help with their efforts:

This link will take you to the Samaritan’s Purse website and share how you can get involved.

Wishing all of you a safe and peaceful week full of love and random acts of care.


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