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Cruising- NY Skyline

Happy Monday!

My friends and I had a great time on the Brazilian Cruise courtesy of Affairs Afloat. The music was live, the people were fun and friendly, the food was tasty, the live band delivered great beats old and new school. Great girls afterwork chill spot in NYC. 

To be quite honest, when my friend and I first arrived we must admit that we were pretty skeptical of the crowd because it was a mixture of elderly ladies (I suppose attempting to get their groove back, lol..) and a few men dressed in sweatpants and Hawaiian button down shirts. Not to offend anyone, my dad swears by Hawaiian button downs- it just didn’t look like the typical NYC premiere socialite scene. But don’t let the appearance turn you away. The people are so laid back and fun! We had a blast and made a bunch of new buddies. Great afterwork crowd on the top dance floor.

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