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Baby Tomlinson Shower of Love!

Our baby shower really was touching and really overwhelmed me with love. I don’t know if it’s because I get hormonal at times or because I’m just beyond grateful. I think it’s both but more so the latter! I was so grateful to see all my family members show up to support me and Kirk in this new chapter of life. My friends were so selfless to help plan the event which was beautiful to witness as well. Many people considered the shower to be a trek and far out in the ‘burbs, so I was extra grateful to see all my beautiful cousins, aunts, uncles  and friends come out to show us love. It just really made a deep impact and I was just thinking of ways to reciprocate that love.

I had the hardest time looking for a cute dress to wear. I finally found something that fit and didn’t make me look like an overweight nun (no beef w/ curvy nuns). It seemed like none of the maternity lines at the mall were trendy enough and made me feel unsexy. Yes, a girl has the right to want to be preg & sexy right?!

Anywho, Macy’s had a cute Ralph Lauren dress I really liked and with the help of my fashionisto brother I snagged it and waddled my way out.

Thank you so much for stopping by Lovelies and I hope you have a wonderfully memorable Thanksgiving. Let’s keep the thankfulness going into 2014 and into Black Friday and try not to slap a chick up for those oh-so coveted Isabel Marant boots for H &M. Not worth it, kinda lol! 



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