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Accidents & Celebrations

Hey Lovelies!

I didn’t blog yesterday because I had an entertaining and stressful day. I got into a fender bender while pulling out of a parking space during my lunch break. We just got back from getting Fro Yo then, “Bam” my car scratched another car. It was very minor and the police said we were equally at fault. Good thing it wasn’t reported to the insurance companies because it was minimal damage. On top of that my Fro Yo melted, lol.

Cups opened in my town. Woot!

My husband asked me why do girls like Fro Yo so much. I guess we can indulge with out regrets! He’s just jelly.

My Famille! Look @ my mom with trying to do the peace sign haha!

My darling brother and his Fiance. I’m her bridesmaid!

We later celebrated my Mother’s 58th birthday. She was so grateful because she got to see her 58th since her dear sisters died at the young age of 52 and 53 I believe.

Nonetheless, we had an absolute blast laughing and spending quality time together.

It’s a heat wave today and I don’t feel like getting dolled up. What are you doing fashion wise to stay cool? I’ll be rocking a straw fedora to shield my face from the sun all day.

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