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Hey Friends! I champion creativity, growth, and kindness. I'm passionate about providing social media and digital strategies to help brands grow. One of my main goals is to serve communities and people in need. Thank you for visiting my page.

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I help brands grow through video. social media and creative strategy.

Everyone Has A Story: Let Us Help You Bring It to Life

Rachel Tomlinson leads, Lumiere Media Group- I'm a story teller and help build marketing strategy to grow online.


I understand brand identity and the importance of connecting with your audience.Whether it's shooting videos, brand images, building out a social media content plan, email marketing, producing a podcast, writing copy, hiring influencers and hosting a virtual event- I understand my client's needs. We bring brands to life.

The More You Know: Power in Community

Truly Rachel Podcast offers knowledge and informational segments from experts in their respective fields to grow community and help us become our own self-advocate.

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"Your talent will make room for you. Character elevates you."

Rachel Tomlinson

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Truly Rachel is an online shop and pop-up market destination that helps shoppers build confidence through curated handmade fashion pieces, accessories and home décor accents. Customers feel a boost of confidence after understanding how they can add a flare of fashion to any outfit and add high end hotel-esque ambience to any space.

As a first generation American, I am living out the dreams of my parents and aunts who made the daunting excursion to a new found land. Being an entrepreneur and leaving legacy for my children is necessary. This company is built on a passion to give back to struggling communities. We offer beautiful pieces to create a welcoming atmosphere and fun pieces to liven up any look. A portion from each sale goes toward enriching a life and giving back. Some of the outreach programs include, Oasis Women and Children Orphanage, Hands and Feet Orphanage and Lighthouse Pregnancy Center.

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